Erect Men Erotic Story Sample

An Introduction to Bondage

(This story is illustrated inside the Erect Men site)

The walls and the carpet were scarlet, and the bedhead was black.

Nina felt her breath catch in her throat. She was nervous, and it probably showed. She still couldn’t believe she’d ended up here, in a back room of the Whipfire club, with stern, handsome Charles rummaging through a large mahogany chest in the corner.

She’d gone to the club on a whim, at the urging of her wild friend Jacqui, who was a regular here. It had seemed like such a raunchy, crazy thing to do, and yet it struck her as something she ought to do. It offered a way to break out of her staid, office-bound lifestyle and explore her sexuality, albeit only on the sidelines.

She’d worn her sexiest outfit, a tight top that emphasized the curve of her breasts, and a barely-there miniskirt. Jacqui immediately congratulated her on “bringing out her inner slut,” and Nina had felt like a loose, wild, free woman. She’d even dispensed with underwear for the night, and felt especially naughty for it.

The club was very black inside, with a lot of neon, smoke and low music, thumping urgently. The clientele were dramatically dressed – gothic leather and heavy makeup. In one corner a naked man was stretched out on an A-frame, a black mask over his face. A tall woman in suspenders and corset whipped him lazily, as a small crowd looked on. Every corner held a couple, kissing lustily.

Nina had lost Jacqui early on; a young submissive had caught her attention and she was gone, leaving Nina alone with her drink. She had spent some time simply watching the goings on, and taking in the atmosphere, when Charles had introduced himself, his low, rich voice instantly transfixing her.

He didn’t bother with small talk. “Are you a top, or a bottom?” he’d wanted to know, his eyes glinting.

Nina had blushed in the dark. “Er, neither actually,” she’d stammered. “Just watching… visiting.”

His gaze had slowly taken in her breasts, tight within her blouse, and her long legs, returning to her face with a smile.

“I’m afraid we don’t actually have visitors here. Oh no. It’s strictly audience participation at our club...”

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